Aidan Schuster

Graphic Designer & Fine Artist

About Me

In the City of Brotherly Love, a fiery dragon aspired to be a visual artist and digital storyteller. Among his fellow dragons at Drexel University, he passionately pursued both graphic design and fine arts. The dragon honed his visual communication and problem-solving skills, applying them to a diverse repertoire of media as a graphic designer, printmaker, sculptor, and painter. In every project, from branding and packaging to screenprint and sculpture, he kindled the ember of an idea into a guiding light. As he spreads his wings and flies from Drexel in June 2022 with a BS in Graphic Design, he is scouring the lands to share his creativity, imagination, and dedication with an innovative and versatile team. This is Aidan Drake Schuster, whose name partially translates to “fiery dragon” in Gaelic and Old English. Please view my resume and contact me.

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