Aidan Schuster

Graphic Designer & Fine Artist

Morning Melts

The objective was to upscale the packaging of an existing product using a 4 inch cube. At the time, I was eating stroopwafels, a Dutch caramel cookie, for breakfast. However, the cookies in this particular package had melted together into a gooey mess inside a single plastic bag. To fix this problem, I used individually wrapped stroopwafels separated by an accordion insert. I decided on the name Morning Melts, and started to style my packaging with a “sunny” stroopwafel against the pinks and lavenders of a sunrise. However, I realized these colors may not have been bold enough to stand out on a store shelf. To better reflect the traditions of this humble breakfast treat, I utilized a tantalizing baked brown color, and put coffee mugs on the sides to show how this snack is customarily heated. When the lid is opened, the side stroopwafel patterns lift with the top of the coffee mug, and the front simulates pulling apart the scrumptious cookie to reveal the caramel inside.

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